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Industries We Service​

We value our partnerships with companies across the United States.

Janitorial & Housekeeping

Our dedication and professionalism have allowed us to develop successful partnerships with some of the leaders in the janitorial industry. We have worked in a variety of specialties including hotel maintenance, hospital sanitization, landscaping, and more. Our janitorial teams have worked in schools, hospitals, restaurants and other commercial locations.

Warehousing & Distribution

Our committed warehousing professionals are trained and experienced in the following areas packaging, picking, kitting, PE operators, inventory control, and more, we can have a staff at your facility as soon as you need it.

Hospitality, Food & Service

Many of our skilled workers are experts in housekeeping and food and service industries. We have experienced workers for catering events, hotel housekeeping , large event concessions, kitchen staffing, and many other hospitality and food service jobs.

Assisted Living

We are ready to connect dedicated caregivers with agencies to thrive in the assisted living industry. You can find workers for in-home care, assisted living facilities, rehabilitation centers, senior housing, or transportation services. We are also performing housekeeping, landscaping and maintenance duties to help support the overall staffing needs of our assisted living partners.


Let our skilled and experienced laborers help you increase productivity to meet your manufacturing goals. We have staff available to work with food and beverage, textiles and apparel, electrical equipment, metal or wood fabrication, medical supplies, and more.
The labor you trust, wherever you need it.​

Elite Travel Teams

If your company is struggling to meet productivity goals, we have teams of trained staff, ready to be deployed as soon as the next business day.

Our teams are guaranteed to reach your productivity faster than your contingency workforce.

If you need a last-minute workforce for your project, our elite travel teams can get the job done.

24-48 Hour Deployment

We never know when circumstances will require last-minute staff augmentation. Workforce Brokers is here to save you the trouble of finding labor quickly. Our skilled workers are ready to be deployed where and when you need them.


To any location, any time of year, we are ready to provide you with high quality labor. Our team will manage transport and accommodation to ensure timely deployment within budget

EDGE Technology

Our belief in innovative technology allows Workforce to streamline organization.

We have developed the most comprehensive employee data management system in the industry: EDGE.

From one platform, we can manage all of our intercompany processes including client requests, employee files, payments and invoices, project updates, and more!

We supply all the necessary human resources on your behalf, so your management team can focus on day-to-day operations.

Custom reports to track cost of labor per day, week or month.
Employee Ratings: Ranked and reviewed by our clients and theirs staff.
6000+ Workes in our database
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